🦸 Getting ready for Hacktoberfest, and I'd love your help!

#28 September 28, 2021

Hello there!

I got mdx-bundler working, yay! It's live now and you can take a look at the PR. I haven't had much success in benchmarking the results after removing MDXJS completely, but it definitely feels like the right decision. MDXJS seems to have come back to life with a v2 though β€” I'm gonna wait and see how that turns out. πŸ‘€

It's almost October, so it's almost time for Hacktoberfest! This year will be the 5th year (consecutively!) that I'm a part of it β€” and I'd like your help!.

I'll create beginner-medium level issues for Hacktoberfest that participants can pick and raise PRs for, and I'd love if you check out sreetamdas.com and the code repository, and create an issue for something that you think can be improved. I'll approve relevant issues with the requisite label and you can then start working on it! πŸ˜„

If you've got any doubts (this isn't a very polished idea, I know πŸ˜…) β€” don't hesitate to reach out by replying to this email or asking me on Twitter or Discord :)

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πŸ‘€ Some more cool stuff

⌨️ Keyboards

TGR x Monokei Tomo with OG Cherry Dyesubs and GMK Missing Keys TGR x Monokei Tomo with OG Cherry Dyesubs and GMK Missing Keys

PolyCarb Key65 with GMK Copper PolyCarb Key65 with GMK Copper

That's all for now, have a great week! If you're in India and over the age of 18, please get vaccinated asap :)

Stay safe 🀞